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    Mr. Jafari
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    Infront of Sepanta cinema , Taleqani Blvd , Karaj

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    Isfahan store panels Dyvarpvsh panel manufacturer, baseboard, tools and picture frames made of poly stiren
    This product is coated panels in widths of 10, 20 and 30 cm, such as low-quality (flexible and ductile, light and strong, local switching capability of damaged parts, sound and heat insulation, anti-bacterial and resistant the penetration of insects, 100% waterproof and washable) are produced.
    Store panels manufacturer of ceiling blocks and sheets of Styrofoam
    Polystyrene insulation in the Iranian market brand known that this brand EPS foam Expanded Dynamic presented. This product by expanding the polystyrene beads (EPS) achieved in stages that result, insulation 100% sound, efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling and for use in Bnahast.
    Including the consumption of these products in the construction industry, industrial refrigeration, packaging and home furnishings such as furniture, mattresses and rear. The EPS blocks, clay and cement blocks in the ceiling and walls of the buildings have been replaced.