HPL Veneer

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HPL Veneer Details:

HPL coating is against moisture and heat and abrasion resistance and can be easily and repeatedly cleaned with water or detergent. The main aim of this kind encased in certain applications such as those required for consumption was very high durability, are like beds and hospital and laboratory equipment, desks Workshop cabinets without tools, dining and other public uses, such as office furniture limited, of course, Construction of this type of coating Forming scope of its application in practice has increased cabinets with curved edges, the high pressure Laminate Forming of HP monitors (HPL) 7 crowns with layers of kraft paper, which is less than the standard type of resilience more to it. In this type of veneer sheets HP HPL monitors with a varnish coating for high strength heat-resistant up to a temperature of 240c. This feature due to its advantages and Forming surfaces with rounded edges and a surface mounted cabinet has a great advantage because of resistance to heat at the table in numerous laboratories and the procedure. This coating at c 220-160 Forming and the edges are rounded Post From. . Due to the inflexibility of HP monitors laminated veneer edges, they cannot be eaten together and form and use of tools and application of this type of coating is brittle and has limited levels with round slices, therefore its use in the coating of chipboard MDF is over….

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  1. HPL is against water and steam, is resistant to cracking and delamination. HPL moisture absorption in immersion in water less than 6% and increase water absorption HPL thickness of less than 10 percent.
  2. HPL tolerate temperatures up to 180 ° C thermal shock is dry. HP monitors resistance (HPL) heat-cigarettes remain without effect on melamine sheets HPL sheets at high temperatures as well as dimensional changes of less than 3 percent.

Technical Specifications:

Laminated sheets (HPL) suitable conditions for the facade design are the designer. These sheets are easy and quick installation, the climatic factors such as sun exposure does not change color, light weight and easy to wash, are also available. Due to these benefits and much more can be said of veneer sheets HP monitors (HPL) are a good choice for facade design.

The facade design using sheets HP Elder facade design using laminated sheets HP monitors (HPL) to choose the appropriate method shall also be taken in the context of facade design. This sheet summarizes the installation methods can be divided into the following types:

1. Installation with visible screws
The vertical profiles of sheet by screw simply bind. Underlies these sheets can be 40 × 40 mm can be used. The major drawback of this method has been used to expose the screw.

2. installed with hidden screws
In this way, the screws are covered by the cap-colored sheet.

3. Installation by Hong
The aluminum profiles connected to the back panel and thus screw fastening plate cannot be seen. It seems that this method is more convenient than other methods for facade design.