HPL Door

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HPL Door details:

HPL is composed of several layers of doors sheet made of fibers (eg, paper) impregnated with resin operating in heat (heat-cured) which is influenced by the temperature and pressure of 5MPa stuck together. In making Formica sheets or the HPL of kraft paper, decorative paper, phenolic resin, melamine resin used.


  1. HPL with melamine HDF door are actually two versions of the MDF, HDF are less expensive. Because HP L doors because of melamine do not need to be painted and thus the premium paint above the door that there were two models of this type deducted doors.
  2. Due to the high-speed mass production projects that need to be achieved in the shortest possible time delivery doors HPL doors are most commonly used.

Technical Specifications:

1. HPL thermal resistance:
HPL tolerate temperatures up to 180 ° C thermal shock is dry. HP L resistance (HPL) heat-cigarettes remain without effect on melamine sheets HPL sheets at high temperatures as well as dimensional changes of less than 3 percent.

2. The other of resistance HPL:
Due to the use of phenolic resin binder in the production of sheets of HP L (HPL) is resistant to the flow of electricity and the use of melamine resin glue on the surface layer makes surface resistance against weak acids,.