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HDF Details:

HDF is a fiber board production is the dry method. HTML density MDF (HDF) is over 800 kg per cubic meter. HDF high density fiberboard is made of wood fiber or other plant and all its properties by adding urea-formaldehyde HDF or other synthetic resins with good heat and pressure generated. H. pressed are coated doors, floors, stairs, cabinets, industrial, work desk … HDF used in the door industry in three ways.

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  1. The highest degree of compactness and strength in the fiber board is
  2. This product can be used for anti-static flooring (Non-static layer) computer room, roof boxes, anti-theft doors, panels for walls and ceilings used.
  3. The use of HDF and the main floor is its application in addition to the beauty and durability, the tightening of the floor as well. The pages with different colors, such as bright and dark marble and wood bring some color to wave
  4. These pages have the ability to be washed with hot and cold water. In general, this product has a smooth surface texture of the well is solid and durable.

Technical Specifications:

A: HDF a flat sheet with a thickness of 3 mm sheets are the same slots during production by rollers wood on it caused And finally a layer of white primer is sprayed on it. And unlimited possibility of creating various designs by CNC machine is on this sheet.
B:HDF molding in this manner to a specific shape that it is in the press Produced, such as wood to create the slots on the sheet with a thickness of 3 mm and 6 different patterns and designs almost there.Does’nt have been able to be colored sheets HDF doors are of particular beauty.
C:HDF coated (PVC, HPL) sheets HDF can be laminated with HPL melamine laminate that this product can also be made by pressing PVC coated membrane.