HDF Door

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HDF Door details:

HDF door MDF doors available on the market, as many component categories. For doors that covers HDF coated MDF (HDF) by manufacturers of surface preparation, and only those practices on wooden drums Press will that higher Unfortunately these procedures are not produced in HDF veneers, mainly from China, Malaysia, Turkey and Romania are to enter the Iranian market.

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  1. Use a 3 mm thick HDF doors to the bedroom door and the door of the toilet and the bathroom is recommended
  2. HDF sheets with a thickness of 6 mm and more depending on the thickness and density of HDF fiber can be also be used for entrance doors of apartments.

Technical Specifications:

On the front and back of the coil will press the space between the door or part of wood or cardboard grid that resembles a honeycam , and honeycam called it their fill. Use networking in the space between the surface of the door to door resistance against impact and fracture is increasing.
It can be fillers such as mineral wool or polystyrene can be used to fill the space between the doors. Better insulation to prevent heat loss and cold are sound as well.