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    No.12 , Shabnam Alley , South Eta’ati Street , Marzdaran Blvd , Tehran
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    Crystal Golestan Company was founded in 1383 and due to increasing use of monolithic stone in kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, hotels, offices, public places, artwork and … company decided to focus on offering a variety of activities stone was integrated. The company contracts with prestigious international companies taxanite first stone products integrated successfully marketed in 1385 Los Angeles. The company’s products can be integrated sinks and washbasins color pages and also Adhesive for stone can be mentioned. taxanite with the launch of new production line, 100% acrylic plates with standard dimensions of length 368 cm, width 76 cm and a thickness of 12 mm offers. With continuous quality control of raw materials and supply the best monolith in the country’s consumer satisfaction is the goal of taxanite.
    Ten-year guarantee reliability and quality of products brought to the buyers to choose taxanite pass. A decade of experience, more than 100 designs and colors, famous for the quality and export to neighboring countries, taxanite the product has trans-regional.