Formica, MDF

Formica Details:

Formica HPL with abbreviated name is an acronym HIGH PRESSUS LAMINATE
HPL laminate composed of several layers of fibers (eg, paper) impregnated with resin operating in heat (heat-cured) which is influenced by the temperature and pressure of 5 MPa stuck together. In making Formica HPL)) from paper Kraftk, decorative paper, phenolic resin, melamine resin used.

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  1. Water resistance
  2. Thermal resistance
  3. Resistance to electrical current

Technical Specifications:

Moisture resistance HPL: HPL against water and steam, is resistant to cracking and delamination. HPL moisture absorption is immersion in water less than 6% and increase water absorption HPL thickness of less than 10%
Thermal resistance HPL: HPL withstand temperatures up to 180 ° C thermal shock is dry. Cigarette heat resistance remain without effect. HPL dimensional changes at high temperatures, is less than 3%
Other resistance of HPL: due to the use of resin binder Fan Lake in the production of Formica (HPL) is resistant to the flow of electricity and the use of melamine resin glue on the surface layer makes surface resistance against weak acids