Foreign Wallpaper

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Foreign Wallpaper details:

Wallpaper one wall of the different types of coverage for viewing in different buildings and locations used. Wallpaper and decorate a raw material to cover the interior walls of residential buildings, commercial and other buildings and is one of the important aspects of interior decoration. Wallpaper printing techniques include flat printing (Surface), stereotypes (Gravure), silk screen (Silk Screen) and print time (Rotary) is. Wallpaper is usually sold in rolls and the glue used to attach it to the wall.

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Used in wallpaper design in three forms:

1. projects that are like a painting with the image.

2. initiatives such as the Wall Stickers or paper or wall stickers

3. scheme that graphic texture (small roles that are repeated) arise.method.

Why wallpaper?

There may be questions that selection and hang wallpaper, hard and full of trouble, why should it be used? Why not use instead of color for the walls? In answer, we must say one of the most important reasons is that the use of wallpaper designs and colors that can be used by wallpaper on the wall to create, in fact, the mural is impossible.

Painted walls and is ideal excellent job, but only if you intend to have or want a single color of the walls of two different colors together, but simple to use adjacent wall.the paintings do not have a good ability to create a beautiful design and pattern on the wall, be sure you will be outside, so this is where the wallpaper is the best choice for decoration.

How different wallpaper can be installed on the walls of a space. For example, you can change all wallpaper covered the walls with a model or to highlight the focal point, only a wall of the room’s wallpaper, also can be applied to any wall, the wallpaper with different designs using such you can only lower half and upper half of the wall paper with harmonious color and fit, fill color, or vice versa, with the lower half and upper half with wallpaper patterned wallpaper simple cover with a color corresponding.

On the other hand, where the painted walls can not bring you the desired effect, can be used as wallpaper. For example, if you form the walls are ugly and bad wallpaper can be used to cover wall imperfections. Also, the walls covered with wallpaper desirable much faster and easier than paint walls are clean. The wallpaper for the walls frequently need to clean up areas such as kitchens or children’s room, is a more appropriate option.
Where to Look for wall paper go?
Wallpaper can be found in stores as well as its own virtual store find. Order wallpaper via the Internet is not a good idea, because the texture, pattern and color wallpapers in the photo, not as they really are is not night view, the best and most appropriate option. If this is not possible for you in internet shopping.
How to find the most appropriate wallpaper?
As mentioned before, due to the wide diversity wallpaper and likely muffled the time of purchase, it is important that before you go out shopping, ideas and plan in mind and know exactly what you want. For this purpose, decoration magazines and websites they visit, and spaces of the wallpaper images to see, who knows! Perhaps the plan and find your favorite color and suitable for home decoration and go to market only to find it.
wallpaper proportional to go the same style.
A wallpaper inconsistent with the decoration style, can destroy the effect of the decorations. For example, if your home decoration style is simple and modern, hang wallpaper, floral and glittering decorations you will damage the overall effect. Thinking about the furniture and fixtures in the home, decorative elements and carpeting or other flooring in outer space is another good idea. For example, if your home green sofa in the living room, you certainly can be damaged if a wallpaper decoration space. Wallpaper should be coordinated with the color and style available means in space.
If possible, it is best paint color samples or original decoration of wall space with your choice of paper when you have so that you can adjust the wallpaper. Also, another recommendation is that we should all seek help; he was in the color and pattern (stripes, geometric patterns, quiet or busy), which you have in place. For example, ask her album available in stores that existing schemes nearby to bring you to your desired color scheme.
bookmark. After the visit of the albums, came to mark items go, this time with more accuracy and more leisurely view them and reconcile with color swatches home dé the day and your home.
Cost and price wallpaper

Price wallpaper is a little confusing. The price on the album, is indicated for all types of wallpaper is for a roll of wallpaper. While the roll of wallpaper to sell twice or three times produced a single roll. This may confuse people to calculate costs, but it is due.

Buy wallpaper roll twice and three times, can be more area than a roll of wallpaper provide you. A single roll has only 4 meters and 11.5 cm (13.5-foot) wall paper, while rolls twice with 8 meters and 23 cm (27 ft) are wallpaper. Therefore, if the length of the wall 2 meters and 75 cm (9 ft), you only can have three rows of wallpaper on the walls, put a single roll.

Roll of wallpaper with different width as well. European types with a width of 52 centimeters (20.5 inches), while the roll width 68.5 cm American wallpapers (27 inches) there. Of course, you can make some more of the wall with a roll of wallpaper American than a European wallpaper roll cover.

Another issue that affects the price of wallpaper, a design that you choose.of floral and geometric patterns, which still must be set at the seams. The settings in the seams so that the trail plans no longer be met from row to row, wallpaper is the need for more area in this regard and added that the plan you choose, how much area needs to seek help from the vendor.

The walls of the room must carefully measure and an order to bring them. Do not forget to consider the windows and doors. Even recommended with the area, a simpler design of the space and to bring transcribed Korea.

A variety of wallpaper

It is important to know about the most common types of wallpapers available, when buying have information. Vinyl wallpaper are basically that have a variety of wallpapers are the most durable. This type of wallpaper are also washable and waterproof. This type of wallpaper can be divided into two types: the first type on the back of wallpaper with a layer of vinyl and the second with a layer of vinyl wallpaper that is arguably part of the second type is more durable. The first type is washable and water resistant and easier to be coming away from the wall. The second type of wallpaper with vinyl coating, can be used to select the most appropriate option.


  1. Low cost
  2. Easy and quick installation