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Fiber Details:

Tiny pieces of thin wood and wood fiber in the form of raw wood pulp, can be built. The composition of the dough with water, usually with a diameter of 2 mm below presses are made. Fiber is more flexible than sheet chipboard and wood used in the products.
Fiber in two models, one-sided and two-sided to be made in this way that the fiber has a smooth and polished on the other side it has the shape of a fine is sinking. Fiber duplex flat . both sides of the flat surface can be coated fiber white and different types of coatings to the press, and can be as simple and colorless.


  1. External insulation due to moisture in the building
  2. It’s Used for building supplies, timber, brick ceilings, sound board is consuming
  3. It’s Used for the construction of prefabricated panels for the automotive and furniture industries

Technical Specifications:

Based on laboratory studies, it seems that fiberboard can be almost any type of lingo cellulosic raw material for manufacturing. However, due to the relative abundance of wood, access to it in all seasons and ease of maintenance for the leg still an important raw material for the manufacture of fiberboard is.