Dining Table

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Dining Table Details:

Other long dining table for the living room is not just a luxury item. Now your home is large or small, you will find a place for your dinner table. The dining table in terms of sex and beauty of wood made the trees grow only in South America. Wood, bamboo and wood black (Black) purchase of wood are desirable for Dinner. Black wood is very resistant to water, humidity, cold and heat. The strength of the wood they are tested in extreme cold and in intense heat. The wood is very strong brain and so are very expensive. Most goods expensive and popular brands of this type of walnut wood built but also for the goods is very convenient and most buyers know the type of wood used.

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  1. To buy a standard dining table, it should be noted that the height of the desk is consistent with your physical characteristics.
  2. To identify a standard table, the chair, sit behind a desk, desk height to the underside of the chest should be and you are elbow to the body not more than 40 cm.
  3. Tables should be short enough that you have to bend your back long enough to eat or give you a feeling of suffocation.
  4. The chair should have a soft, comfortable mattress underneath the backrest angle is 90 degrees to allow for easy digestion.

Technical Specifications:

Size from 2-person dining table and chairs and started to reach 24 and 28 people. Some families are large and luxurious house of 2 hands are tables and chairs. Often a 6 or 8 people in the kitchen, and a 12 or 24 people for entertaining guests in the living room with dining leave but buyers homes with an area average upward of 12 people are currently the bestselling and most beautiful models are updated. The dimensions of this size (12) the standard because it is very suitable to fill the big houses. Because they buy a lot of these models, manufacturers are focusing more on the model and the glamor of this size more to keep customers satisfied.
Some tables and chairs that are too low prices and the lack, very simple and very comfortable without carefully made and lost. For wood and nails instead of using regular sewing glue stick to attach the legs to the table. The best kind of metal rivets and stitching and pressing with high-degree temperature. Considering the distance of the base and the table can be found whether made or not made of the right kind. If the base is uneven and much, just made sure not disappear after a short time of use or in the best case needs to be repaired. So depending on the type of table and chair of the most important things considered buying a table and chairs and durable.
Different styles and models enables the buyer to be aware of the best. Glass models are very beautiful and also very heavy and dangerous. The most popular models are made of. Some of these products have carved edges of the mosaic of different styles on it. Round and rectangular models, but both models are immensely popular models such as the rectangular space with a comfortable home filled with more fans are coordinated. More rounded models wooden style – glass with a layer of wood and a glass substrate in such a way that it can be said that beauty is its own.