Dibazar Trading Co.

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    Mr. Bonyadi

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    Zhila Sarkhosh
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    Keshavarzi alley , Mayan Road , Tabriz

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    Trading Company Dibazar as one of the few companies in the area of ​​import parquet Parquet and other wood products in 1384 by Mr. foundation was founded after a precise recognition of your demands in the field of design and interior decoration, its duty to ensure the it’s important to determine and outline its policy is based on the following topics and is committed to implementing effective it knows:
    1 – improve customer satisfaction through the top of the after-sales service all aspects of quality in all activities.
    2 _ Manage customer requests to respond quickly and effectively to their requests
    3 _ providing products and brand name manufacturers and factories and is committed to international standards and so on.
    Quality, variety and beauty of principles are respected in the selection of products offered by the company and the trade group is proud to be able to meet the needs of interior decoration designers and active cooperation in the construction industry.
    Parklam parquet exclusive representative in Iran
    Sale of goods arkopa (gloss sheets, strips)
    MDF gloss sale Chamsan
    Representing East Azerbaijan Aida profiles