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Countertop Details:

We have five types of cabinets available in the market.
1. MDF cabinets 32 mill, veneer HPL
2. Cases of chipboard, laminated HPL
3. MDF melamine cabinets
4. Plastic containers (POLY WOOD) covers HPL
5. Artificial stones all Akrblynk (SOLID SURFACE)

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Technical Specifications:

Top Cabinets most surface area in contact with the water, so its components must have a high resistance to water, coated with high resistance to water and abrasion HPL by the sharp objects. For cabinets right. Accordingly, usually chipboard panels that have low resistance to water and heat is not recommended.
About MDF with melamine plates should also be said that these pages because melamine has scratch and early erosion is not suitable for cabinets, so choose the best offer for the pages of MDF cabinets page 32 mail-clad HP L is in terms of quality and resistance to water and abrasion by sharp objects reliable.
Recently, an Iranian company called Poly-Wood is a new product that the market supply of wood and plastic cabinets and unlike cases not double as a layer of thickness 45 mm produced 32_ and in this regard, compared to the MDF will not face the problem of separation of the double layer and also has moisture resistance and greater life expectancy. Other specifications of this product can be seamless and unlimited in size, Qablyn repair, moisture and chemical resistant, antibacterial properties, light weight, anti-stain and hygienic noted that it seems the perfect product The ideal form.
Page all Akralyk artificial stone, other types of pages on cases that have recently come to market, and because it is made from synthetic material, with design and color variation is large. The significant benefits these pages can be integrated and absence of seams on its surface to be named. Also, a lot of this product, a variety of initiatives has enabled the designers.