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Cornice ِDetails:

Cornice is a special equipment used for internal viewing. Narrow strips of metal, wood, plastic or concrete and cement at the bottom and along the wall to be installed. They are generally prominent and most important task of the baseboard to the wall to protect the wall from damage caused by the collision joinery furniture and avoid direct penetration of moisture from floor to wall.

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  1. Wear-resistant, corrosion and impact
  2. Quick and easy to install

Technical Specifications:

The other part of the baseboard or ceramic stone is not used, old frames will be replaced by modern frames made of MDF laminated MDF with PVC PVC are, have, of course, all PVC PVC strips also found market .

Cornice Dimensions

Strips of 7 cm and 9 cm height are available in two sizes, in lengths of 280 cm or 366 cm length and are usually in terms of thickness, the heel or the lowest and the thickest part of the baseboard 16 mm.

How to select the size and height of the baseboard?

If your space is small, say, a 30 or a maximum of 40 meters of venues you, baseboard with a height of 7 cm for the space you need, but if you’re more of this area is an area of space, we recommend the use of strips of 9 cm More Effects , because large areas of the walls are seen to be higher than most of the strips that allow the strips should be shown.