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Corian Details:

Corian first name (brand) artificial stone solid surface which was produced in America from the time the so-called “artificial stone Corian said.
Corian rock cover of 100% acrylic are a wide range of features are included. Most notably a wide range of different colors which includes more than 70 kinds of colors for any interior surface.
With beautiful appearance, Corian stone products with unique functional features, durability, anti-stain and wash easy and immediate repair feature is Corian stone products.
Solid neutral surface without pores and cracks are so microscopic particles and bacteria does not grow on its surface. These features make the integration of such limited Corian stone products that are approved for use in food and health care and hospitals.

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  1. seamless integration in all joints with different colors
  2. Resistance to impact and high temperatures
  3. Lightening – Waterproof – Anti-rust and anti-crime and anti-bacterial
  4. The restoration and repair of permanent
  5. Resistant to acids Laboratory
  6. Ability to design and forming
  7. The ability to cut, bend loss, hole

Technical Specification:

In the laboratory, the use of durable material, stainless and anti-irritant, anti-bacterial properties and is resistant to chemicals. Solid Surface features unique because of its magnitude can be a good material for this.
Acrylic pages salons
Solid Surface due to high resistance to chemicals in hair and nail salons and other materials for use in this location is the best option. It does not stain the surface and are easily cleaned.

Corian Application:

– Kitchen, office, medical, health, commercial, bank

– Solid Surface, advanced composite of minerals and acrylic resin Corinne is known in Iran as the possibility of making different levels, ideal for residential and industrial use provides.

– User acrylic screens in public places

– Counter Reception

– Countertops and tables restaurant

– Shower and WC in rooms

– Cover the walls Weston

– Lifetime High

– The renewal instead of switching

– Ease of maintenance and cleaning

– Ability to design beautiful and unique forms

– Anti fire

– Acrylic plates in laboratories