Colored Chipboard

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Colored Chipboard Details:

Water brand products that are made from wood chips. Water engineered wood product made from wood such as chips or sawdust sawmill with synthetic resin or other suitable adhesive that has been pressed and pressed. Water is a composite product (hybrid) is.
under the heat press. Cold and sanding sheets obtained after eating can be used.



Water usually wood processing industry so that the resulting waste in the use of wood for different uses into particles, then the moisture of the wood chips and glue and well-matched and they pressed the heat. Sheets obtained after cooling and drinking cups can be used.

Technical Specifications:

The properties that can be said for chipboard or particleboard include low price, ability to supply a wide sheets, lightness and functionality are decorated with melamine sheets. The disadvantage of this board is sensitive to moisture by using appropriate compounds somewhat improved. Because the particle is a composite product (combination) is the change in the composition of additives can change its properties so that some manufacturers have managed to produce waterproof chipboard or have fire-resistant.
The characteristics mentioned above makes this product a perfect choice for various industries, especially the furniture industry and architecture. The proof of this statement can be the sheer volume of home furniture, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, windows and … see.