Chinese Security Door

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Chinese Security Door Details:

Chinese Security Door Chinese or metal surfaces with paint furnace wood or painted HDF and in some cases anti-theft doors are also seen Chinese steel coated with PVC. More anti-theft doors in the Chinese market is metal with wood furnace color. China anti-theft door hinge secret.


  1. Easy to install at the end of construction work that causes harm to the door during manufacturing
  2. Hidden hinges of the doors to be closed when not specify any swing.
  3. With alarm, eye, handles and fittings, hinges and frame hidden.

Technical Specifications:

Chinese security door products should be chosen to fit the premises for use with different characteristics .In cases where the thieves the opportunity to create noise in order to damage their door, away from the presence of such places including villas, factories, warehouses, … need of anti-theft doors with special properties used to allow thieves broke after cutting destruction of the surface layers of the door into the building impossible. In such cases, not only the thickness of the steel on either side of the door to two millimeters and a total of four millimeter increase in the core layer but also through strong networking with the injection of anti-cut steel, anti Drill- against the devastation of the acid-resistant Among them is strengthened and the specific standards of the quality of these doors.