Children Bed set

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Children Bed set Details:

With the arrival of a new member to the family, certainly changed the internal structure and how to use the spaces of the house. You may lose your room or your bedroom for a while have to partner with you dear children.
The situation in the housing market and low purchasing power of the people, the vast majority of the people have moved to the lessee in small apartments. Therefore, choosing the right furniture that does not occupy too much space, will be considered. Small apartments are needed in certain methods for the design and layout of High End Loft Stuff to use, especially since after two years of marital life, you have a small space in your home by third division part of the.


child room
An essential element of layout and color variations to choose from you are in children’s rooms. It is necessary to know scientific studies show that children’s rooms have a significant impact on the development of character, self-confidence, independence and peace of mind and if it’s possible he will be there for you, better for your child, consider some kind of independence, even if this independence is the size of a bed.


The new service children’s rooms are very complete and compact. Bed, dresser, desk, chest of drawers and library, all in a small set can fit into. If you have enough space, unnecessary appliances such as coffee table, mirror and so on can buy. This bench marking services for children with a variety of fruits and delicacies delicious and popular children’s cartoon characters and toys are made.
Our suggestion to you is to pick your child up to the age of adolescence Room service is available and it has bunks are double-cradle bed.

Technical Specifications:

MDF or chipboard same service sleeping baby today are made of wood, particle board and resins are a combination of wood shavings. The post-production MDF coated in hundreds of different colors and designs to a desk, bed, wardrobe and become your favorite. MDF positive feature is their high strength and cutting ability dining in various forms such as apples, hearts, tools and equipment for children’s rooms have.

Finish foil laminated MDF and melamine are two kinds main difference is that melamine against abrasion and moisture durability and greater strength. Make sure your child has a desk and a bed for the room you choose, have rounded edges and be sure to tape edges 2 mm thick for it to be used, because in the case of children this means a lower risk he will threaten .

Undoubtedly, lightweight equipment is very important for you, it is better on the floor and behind the dresser drawers of MDF 3 mm and coated printing paper covers two types are used. Hinges for cabinets and drawers children also are designed to be used when opening and closing is not a danger to the child and the sound of closing in wardrobes, beloved children wake you up is not cute.

Child’s health is more important than anything
One very important point about wood furniture for children’s rooms, that may not matter when you buy it or you do not have any information about it, raw material is MDF construction. As I said resin raw materials for the manufacture of chipboard or MDF is one of fact, the glue that holds wood together to form a dense and brings so much of the wood form. If the resin used is of the type confirmed aldehyde resin, in the event of exposure to hazardous and harmful items your child to breathe in the heat.