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Cover the floor is very important so that many designers design their room decor based floor coverings. Cover the floor should be chosen on user type room and aesthetic aspects.


  1. To a large extent maintain floor heating
  2. Sound insulation

Technical Specifications:

-Carpet, long, due to the convenience and comfort that comes with it, has been the first choice of every family. Carpeting with any style of furniture and decor are perfectly coordinated and are also high in terms of luxury and fashion are called.

-Carpet constant throughout, color and texture to rooms you got the role. In addition, textured carpeting and sound insulation. That’s why in places noisy and cold carpeting is very convenient to use. Both carpet and carpet, because of tissue that are tangible and tender, the stylized rooms are straight lines and geometric architecture. Since carpets in textures, colors and various designs are available, coordinating them with all kinds of decorations is also easily done.

-Usually low-furnished rooms are carpeted and furnished seem more. Carpeting covers the floor of the room that are very beautiful, very convenient. This way you do not have to be restored because the floor carpet covering it completely.

-Patterned Carpet choice for large spaces, work is very clever because with this, space, smaller and more friendly looks.

– For small rooms and light-colored carpeting simple and without a plan to make the room seem larger. Another point is that the lower the pile carpets, the room will look larger.

– Carpeting that dark colors, in large spaces where cozy and small are

– Carpeting where sunny colors used are heat sensation favorable environment for rooms that do not have natural light of the sun, are a good option.

– Carpeting that’s cool colors are very bright spaces are moderated.