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What is kitchen Cabinet:

Cabinets and parts box set is said to divide the lobby and the ease of access and use them according to size and with different materials such as wood in the kitchen / metal / aluminum or mdf built and installed at the site.

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Cabinet Hardware:

Cases typically have the following components.
Case basis by the earth’s land.
Air cabinets that are standard or non-standard on the wall or walls of the kitchen is installed.
Standing cabinets that are placed on the ground is like the case of land-based and aligned with the top cabinet height air.
Top cupboard 60 cm wide screen to the desired length and different thicknesses 32/48/64 desire and coated with heat-resistant and scratch and kick and water and on the cabinet ground.
Crown decorative piece that profiles are used for air supply and to decorate the top of the cabinets.
Under a lamp or light band decorative piece that is ready made to hide under cabinet light source that is air and the view of the cabinets is also beautiful.
Pakhor decorative piece of furniture to hide the foundations for fixed or mobile ground and below-ground cabinets installed.

Cabinets Dimension:

ground-cabinet depth 55 height 15 height 72 rooms total height of 90 cm thickness 3. The width of the land according to gender cabinet door (dimensions) between 20 and 120 cm, and sometimes for corner cabinets or corner (because of constant width 60 cm) of 140 cm is . Cabinet land consists of two basic number / one floor / one- storey / three indicating / trailer one desire and one or two or three doors. Importantly cabinet ground floor must be exactly equal to the width. That is well below the base should be left to bear the burden of the weight of the cabinet and the cabinet’s page and suites situations. The next thing that you have to install the ropes in the grooves behind the white wood glue is used. This will not work out mode and to set a good strength.
Ground from a height of 1 cm and width of the cabinet door to door for both windage 3 have the desire and the erection of the following cases. These values are created for ease of opening and closing the door and are reasonably necessary for beauty.
Two of the constraints on the counter and installed horizontally. Third indicating the Three Mile installed vertically behind this piece is to install wall cabinets .rz Adverbs 8 cm and length of shaft 32 is less than the width cabinets