Bombardier Mosquitoe, wooden monster


One of the airline operating the forefront of the construction of Great Britain during World War II, which is almost entirely made of wood, and because the “wooden monster” became known.

January Havylnd Mvskytv (De Havilland DH.98 Mosquito) Dvsrnshynh aggressive fighter and multi-purpose building was Great Britain during World War II and later in the service, a long-range bombers capable of carrying 1.8 tons of bombs had average very fast . Mvskytv one of the few front-line operational aircraft, which was built almost entirely of wood, and because the “wooden monster” became known.

Mvskytv sincerely nicknamed “Mossie” was called by the crew (Mvskytv means mosquitoes and copper “Mossie” also flies with short wings that feed on the blood of animals). Mvskytv is essentially an unarmed fast bomber, which was adapted to perform different roles. Roles such as low to medium and high altitude, day tactical bombers, bombers, night flying, a leading aircraft, fighter-bombers, aircraft, maritime strike, reconnaissance aircraft and high-speed shooting. The aircraft also participated by foreign airlines Great Britain (BOAC) for carrying small precious cargo quickly through the airspace of neutral countries or enemy air space was used. Havylnd January when the company began manufacturing in 1941 Mvskytv, this aircraft is one of the fastest aircraft in the world.

Mvskytv English first bomber was to protect themselves against the enemy instead of relying on firepower turret turned quickly and was very successful in practice. Mvskytv speed is so high that only a few of the advanced German hunting other prey are able to destroy it owes its speed Nbvdnd.mvskytv wooden body style and powerful engine Rvlrvys was Marilyn. Despite great success in various operations Mvskytv senior commanders English never make it as a standard bomber did not, because a real bomber turret equipped consider it should be, for this reason, along with the bomb Mvskytv Bombardier was used.

In some texts military fighter planes have Mvskytv into a successful multi-purpose aircraft, but Mvskytv. During the war Mvskytv as bombers, fighter Rvzprvaz, night fighter, reconnaissance aircraft and transport aircraft were eventually.

With all the advantages mentioned, Mvskytv was a big disadvantage. Due to the use of wood and plywood in the construction of housing, use it in wet and rainy conditions cause adverse changes in the body.

Mvskytv turret, but it did four 7.7 mm machine guns mounted in the nose and four 20 mm cannon mounted in the body, an effective fire power was given to it. World War II was built in about 7700 aircraft Mvskytv less than a quarter of it was destroyed by a German fighter. So Mvskytv most successful aircraft built by the British during World War II. Mvskytv the pilot was required to fly 2 speed to about 611 km per hour are reached.


Type of aircraft: fighter-bombers, light attack aircraft identification, aircraft fly night

Country: Great Britain

Manufacturer: DC Aviation Havylnd

Designed by Jeffrey D. Havylnd

First flight: November 25, 1940

Launch Date: 1941

Currently: Retired

Employing (s):

Great Britain’s Royal Air Force

Royal Australian Air Force

Royal Canadian Air Force

United States Air Force

Construction period: 1940 to 1950

Number built: 7781 units

Crew: 2 pilots and radar or Navigator User

Length: 13/57 m

Wing width: 16/52 m

Height: 3.5 m

Wing Area: 42/18 m

Empty weight: 6,058 kg

Loading weight: 8028 kg

Maximum takeoff weight: 8,549 kg

Propulsion: 2 engines from Rolls-Royce Merlin 12 21/21 or 23/23 He (left and right), liquid cooling system, the 1480 hp each


Maximum speed: 600 kph

Range: 1400 km with 1864 liters of fuel

Ceiling: 8839 m.