Arian MDF

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    Farzin Bashirkhah

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    Infront of Industrial zone ,18th Kilometer of Khazar abad highway , Sari

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    MDF Aryan first manufacturer of MDF and in different aspects in Iran Arian Chemistry largest manufacturer and supplier of high-quality MDF and HTML pdf in Iran. The massive factory in Mazandaran province, the city of Sari, the daily average of 550 cubic meters of MDF and raw and coated to produce and supply the labor market. Production of the series with a thickness of 3 to 36 is desire. The dimensions of coated products, a variety of designs and colors to the labor market offers. Arian MDF and chemical products manufacturing system up to date with technology Mygrdd.mhsvlat MDF and HDF production Arian Germany with a completely new machine produces a continuous system up to date with the technology of Germany produced . The purpose of this plant, to achieve maximum productivity by ensuring product quality, technical innovation and outstanding service to our customers while maintaining a competitive price in the preservation of the natural resources of the country. Products based on national standards and Europe.

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