Afaq Negar Golsar

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    Unit 4 , No.14 , Malek street , Shariati street , Tehran

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    Afaq company Golsar holder journalist foam PVC (PVC) in size.
    18 * 1220 * 2800
    18 * 1220 * 2440
    18 * 1220 * 3660
    3 * 1220 * 2800
    3 * 1220 * 2440
    3 * 1220 * 3660
    Protected against insect attack, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, Zdpvsydgy, anti-bacterial and anti-mildew, fire resistant, resistant to chemical agents and erosion. Uses: used in the pool, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, wall coverings, traffic signs, advertising and kiosks, decorative ceilings and resistant to moisture, chemical storage tanks
    History journalist Horizons: Horizons journalist Golsar company established in 1390 with an area of ​​8700 square meters factory in the industrial city of Qom Shokohieh was launched. The company is a subsidiary of the industrial group of NGOs to Bashd.tvlyd products initially started with a simple foam plates, then utilizes the knowledge and experience of engineers, advanced machinery and knowledge of the industry, gradually new products such as single and multi-layered foam PVC and marble plates (the marble) as well as a variety of boards tailored to the needs and tastes of customers on the market so that the quality and attention to customer needs resulted in a large share of the domestic market and the company is foreign owned

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