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    Afaq company Ngardarndh foam PVC (PVC) in size.
    Length: 3660mm, 2440mm, 2800mm
    Width: 1220mm
    Thickness: 3mm and 18mm
    The price of the physical:
    Density: 600-700 kg / m3
    Impact resistance: 20-30 kj / M2
    Bending strength: 25-35 MPa
    Tensile strength: 9.9-14.5 MPa
    Compression strength: 70 Kg / cm2
    Water absorption per unit area (TAPPI T441 om-98)
    Release smoke or toxic gases when fires: Minimum
    Insulation factor:> 60kv / cm
    Flare factor: BS476: Part7: 1997UL84V-0
    Physical quantities:
    Protected against insect attack
    Resistant to ultraviolet rays
    Zdpvsydgy, anti-bacterial and Zdkpk
    Flame-resistant BS476: Part7UL94V-0
    Resistant to chemicals and corrosion

    Use of pool
    Kitchen cabinets and bathroom
    Wall Coverings
    Traffic Signs and advertising kiosks
    Decorative ceilings and resistant to moisture
    Tanks for chemicals
    Thermal protection shield