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Adhesive Details:

Adhesives are one of the most widely used tool in our daily lives. Each type of adhesive used depending on the type of work they are going to have to make arbitrary.
Tried to have the internal quality adhesives fair to say that quite a serious competitor for foreign products and can be the best choice. I also know that standard adhesives produced are exported to many countries and are known for their brands.

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  1. Wood does not change color
  2. Colorless
  3. Dry quickly
  4. Have elasticity
  5. Partly moisture and heat resistant

Technical Specifications:

Wood glue for pound, a pound, the pound , Galon and tin on the market for home use his works. As the name implies, the best type of glue stick to glue pieces of wood together for gluing construction paper and pieces of sculpture, but can also be a good suggestion. Wood himself is too late and therefore allows you to safely samples together.
It is water soluble, and so can the fingers or a brush for applying glue to the location you want to call. Now glued “northern” and “Hell” are the best brands in the market. Remember glued on the second type of color and white will be available in the market. Rotten wood adhesive gel state takes and water falls on it.