ABS Door

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ABS Door Details:

ABS doors and waterproof doors that have oil, polymer coatings are known as ABS. Application of ABS in the construction industry, including health services, doors, bathroom and toilet.



  1. ABS door of moisture does not suffer.
  2. ABS door in case of damage to be repaired.

Technical Specifications:

The most common use of ABS Door in the construction industry to cover its use in the manufacture of ABS is waterproof door. ABS is used to make waterproof doors in sheets with dimensions of 212 * 92 cm and a thickness of 2.1 mm when the rollers on their plate production model, made of wood the same sheet layout HDF door is created. ABS polymer by adding color to an offer sheet different colors such as blue, white, cream, red, etc., it provides the time to increase the variety of colors and added a layer of PVC coated on ABC and with ABS-PVC are known and already existing diversity ABS sheets market reached almost 25 different colors and designs.