Smuggling 15 tons of wood in Some’esara

مجسمه غول پیکر
Thirdly, according to the News, the head of the Natural Resources and Watershed Svmhsra seized 15 tons of timber smuggling in Svmhsra said.

Ibrahim said that morning FARAJI Nissan pickup truck carrying timber smuggling was arrested by forces protecting the natural resources of the city, said vehicle consists of 49 beech trees logs to size 7. 26 cubic meters.

He expressed that the weight of the wood seized 15 tons and is valued at 100 million rials, said in this regard 3 offender and the courts were introduced Mtsrq natural resources and a Nissan pickup truck was confiscated and parking Jafarpoor.

Head of Natural Resources and Watershed Svmhsra said wood smuggling bid after the sale is credited to the government account.

Faraji said the national capital and stumpage and timber trafficking will be a blow to the economy and profits offenders.

Stating that the preservation of forest officials and the public of great importance, said citizens can be cut and carry wood Natural Resources and Watershed city contact and forces to preserve and protect help protect natural resources.