Sanat Choob Shomal

  • Manager:

    Moslem Fadaei

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  • Sales Manager:

    Shafie Zadeh
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  • Tehran office Address:

    No.13,Delfan Street,nazari street,Fajr Street , Motahari Street, Tehran

  • Factory Address:

    7th of Minoodash road , Gonbadkavoos
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  • Resume:

    Wood facing north in 1384 the company began the series in fields such as production of melamine coated MDF dimensions (244 x 122 cm) began. And then start massive production and supply of chipboard with melamine in size (250 x 125 cm), with crude brain leading company in Iran Golestan was produced for the first time. In the meantime, with regard to the guidelines useful and productive internal stakeholders, we were able to produce and supply new products to market and neighboring countries gloss successful and reliable test you emerge victorious.

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