MDF Cabinet

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MDF Cabinet Details:

At present in many Iranian kitchens MDF cabinet model used is that despite relatively more expensive than similar models show the popularity of the cabinet. MDF MDF kitchen cabinets are easy to clean and therefore ideal for use in the kitchen and are appropriate. When buying new furniture or refinish previous cases, many options are opening up before you. MDF board (MDF) is the most cost-effective option that is also used in the kitchen and in the bathroom. MDF (MDF) of medium density fiber board and covered with a thin layer of vinyl (Thermofoil), composed but can be designed to evoke the texture of wood. If MDF board (MDF) to consider for your home, be sure, advantages and disadvantages (conditions) consider it to pounce decide whether the perfect choice for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are designed or No.

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Advantages :

  1. Low Price
  2. Easily cleaned
  3. Bad shape and cannot be distorted


  1. Require more care and maintenance
  2. Sensitive to heat

Technical Specifications:

Since the level of MDF board (MDF) is made of a thin layer of vinyl, to be easily cleaned. More stains with a sponge or a piece of soft cloth and water can remove. More resistant to stains, you can add non-abrasive household sponge little you. However, the use of strong detergents that contain oil, alcohol or acetone are, not because it may harm the kitchen cabinets. After stain removal, cabinet dry with paper towel to prevent it from damage caused by moisture.
Unlike wooden furniture, MDF board (MDF) are not prone to warping and distortion. Cabinet door that are curled, cabinet door does not close properly, classes are asymmetric, and perhaps even unattractive appearance and asymmetric found. If wood board used in a very humid environment, it is likely that these problems occur. MDF board (MDF) is an ideal alternative to the very wet weather or because they do not have to worry no longer be deformed or damage caused by moisture.