Laminate flooring

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Laminate flooring Details:

One of the floors is that laminate, laminate, parquet and laminate and parquet is wrong even to say, made of laminated with a layer of HDF melamine is it that this type of wood flooring is not made directly, but of wood produced. HDF stands for hard, dense, fiber board is, because this product with known name is that of the five-layer laminate made compact and multi-layer laminated anything to say, laminated floor covering for residential, office and commercial it is mainly used in homes and residential units.

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  1. HDF laminated with a layer of melamine is formed
  2. High resistance against environmental factors
  3. They look like real wood

Technical Specifications:

Laminate flooring looks very different from each other with wooden parquet Among them are as follows:
– Foam laminated parquet in addition to sound insulation, heat and cold as well.
– Water resistant than the old wooden parquet.
Laminated parquet floor in the installation are not glued but with grooves click laminate are said to be around for males and females within each fall.
Parquet and laminate are glued to the floor because they do not eat they do not ruin your bottom floor, for example, if the floor is paving and laminated on the run, if for some reason you want to collect after a while laminated without the slightest The underlying cause damage to the stone floor can do this.
– Laminate flooring can be installed several times after collecting and re-installed in another room.
– Laminated parquet due to pre-installed foam beneath them is flat after full implementation largely to the floor to prevent sound transmission.
– Very resistant to sharp objects from the old parquet.
– Quickly install laminated parquet very high average unit area of 100 square meters in a day or a day and a half runs
Saab and post-installation does not lock and the moment that installation is completed after cleaning can be arranged furniture on it.
– Very cost effective than other building materials such as stone, ceramic and more.